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0xE KDC_ERR_ETYPE_NOTSUPP - KDC has no support for encryption type  MICROSOFT
Associated internal Windows error codes • STATUS_KDC_UNKNOWN_ETYPE • SEC_E_ETYPE_NOT_SUPP Corresponding debug output messages • DebugLog(“Using a CryptSystem with a BlockSize(%d) > MAX(%d)\n”) • DebugLog(“Null password or crypt list passed to KerbFindCommonCryptSystem\n”) • D_DebugLog(“Got more than 20 crypto systems in password list\n”) • DebugLog(“KdcCheckForEtype no intersection between client and server Etypes!\n”) • DebugLog(“KLIN(%x) Failed to find common ETYPE: 0x%x\n”) • DebugLog(“KdcUnpackAdditionalTickets no encryption key found in krbtgt’s OldPassword\n”)
In general, this error occurs when the KDC or a client receives a packet that it cannot decrypt. Four possible scenarios are: • UNIX interoperability scenarios in which the UNIX KDC attempts to use 3DES to encrypt its tickets. The UNIX KDC must be configured to use another encryption type, such as DES or RC4. Windows operating systems do not support 3DES. • Interoperability scenarios in which the target server does support the encryption type used by the KDC. Configure target server to support the RFC standard encryption type RC4 or contact the vendor. • Recent migration from Windows NT to Windows Server 2003. Change the password of the user who is having difficulty logging on. • The administrator account’s password has not been changed since the domain was created. Change the administrator’s password to eliminate the error.
Kerberos Errors

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