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  Windows NT:SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)  [ 1 result(s) ]
123   -  The server is out of memory.%0  MICROSOFT
Analysis Services load all dimensions for all databases into volatile memory on startup. During processing, the server consumes additional memory to process updates to dimensions and cubes. If insufficient memory is available for these and other operations, you will receive this message.
You can resolve this issue in several ways: Using Microsoft Windows® NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, or Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, enable application memory tuning and then enable the Analysis server to use 3 gigabytes (GB) of RAM. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 295443, How To Enable Analysis Services to Use 3 GB of RAM. Lower the HighMemoryLimit registry entry, so that the cleaner thread starts earlier. For more information on this, and other registry entries mentioned in this topic, see this Microsoft Web site. Lower the BackgroundInterval registry entry, so that background operations are performed more frequently. Lower the ProcessReadAheadSize, ProcessReadSegmentSize, and ProcessRecordsReportGranularity registry entries to reduce the amount of memory used during processing. Increase the page file size or create a second page file. If dimensions are too large to fit in memory, the following changes may be required: Install more physical memory in the server. Upgrade to a 64-bit platform. Reduce the size of the dimension as follows: Convert the dimension keys to integers. Eliminate any unnecessary redundant data elements. Delete or reduce the number of member properties used in dimensions. Convert to ROLAP storage.
SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

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