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505  - HTTP Version Not Supported HTTP
A 505 status code is returned when the HTTP version indicated in the request is no supported. The response should indicate which HTTP versions are supported.
Server Error
-20505 HTTP Status Code 505 -  SYMBIAN
"This HTTP version is not supported"
HTTP Errors
-7333 KErrHttpPostReqBodyWithoutSizeOnHTTP10 -  SYMBIAN
Body must NOT be sent chunked if using HTTP/1.0
HTTP Error Codes
 ORA-29270 - too many open HTTP requests  ORACLE
Too many HTTP requests were opened.
End some HTTP requests and retry the HTTP request.
 ORA-29263 - HTTP protocol error  ORACLE
An HTTP protocol error occurred during the HTTP operation.
Check the HTTP server on which the HTTP operation was performed to make sure that it follows the HTTP protocol standard.
 ORA-29273 - HTTP request failed  ORACLE
The UTL_HTTP package failed to execute the HTTP request.
Use get_detailed_sqlerrm to check the detailed error message. Fix the error and retry the HTTP request.
 BC31183  -  XML namespace URI 'http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace' can be bound only to 'xmlns'  MICROSOFT
The URI http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace is used in an XML namespace declaration. This URI is a reserved namespace and cannot be included in an XML namespace declaration.
Remove the XML namespace declaration or replace the URI http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace with a valid namespace URI.
Visual Basic .Net Compiler Messages
 ORA-29265 - HTTP header not found  ORACLE
The requested HTTP header was not found.
Check to make sure that the requested HTTP header is present.
 ORA-29269 - HTTP server error string  ORACLE
The HTTP response indicated that the HTTP server error occurred.
Fix the HTTP server error and retry the HTTP request. Contact the administrator of the HTTP server when necessary.
 LPX-00276 - bad HTTP/Mime header  ORACLE
An HTTP reply contained an invalid Mime header.
Verify HTTP reply for accuracy. See RFC 2616.

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