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  - %RSP-3-MSFIX: Fixing [chars] by setting to default [chars] CISCO 6400
The characters shown can be on the slave RSP setting or on the master RSP setting. The ROM monitor default slave RSP setting is not synchronized with the system configuration file specifications. During bootup, the system image detects the mismatch and modifies the ROM monitor setting to conform with these specifications. This mismatch most likely occurred because a new RSP was being installed and booted in a high system availability (HSA) environment (dual RSPs) for the first time. Alternatively, in established HSA configurations, this message may result from a previous Interprocess Communication (IPC) error occurring while the HSA environment is reconfigured.
Using the show version or show boot command, determine which slot contains the current slave RSP. Using the show config command, determine which slot has been specified as the default slave RSP. If there is no slave default-slot n command in the configuration file, the value defaults to the highest numbered CPU slot (slot 3 on a Cisco 7507, and slot 7 on a Cisco 7513). If the slot number obtained in Step 1 is the same as the number obtained in Step 2, then no further action is required. You have configured HSA in simple hardware backup mode, and both RSPs are identical. However, if the two slot numbers differ, you have configured HSA in software error protection mode, and will have different images running depending on which RSP is currently the slave RSP. If the slot numbers discovered in Steps 1 and 2 differ, reload your router to ensure that the desired system image is running. After the reload, the slave RSP will match the default slave RSP specified in (or inferred from) the system configuration file. For details of various HSA configuration modes, refer to the Cisco IOS Configuration Fundamentals Configuration Guide. See the "Loading System Images and Configuration Files" chapter (Cisco 7500 series only).

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