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00D94001 and message DSNV086E. Standard DB2 diagnostic information is recorded in SYS1.LOGREC. An 04  -  IBM DB2
1. Run the print log map (DSNJU004) utility to print the content of both BSDSs. 2. Print SYS1.LOGREC. 3. Use the MVS DISPLAY DUMP command to get the failure reason code from dump titles. 4. Notify your system programmer. Obtain a copy of the SYS1.LOGREC and the SVC dump for the original error. Refer to the recovery scenarios in Part 4 (Volume 1) of DB2 Administration Guide before restarting. To restart DB2, you must do one of the following: v Add the missing archive log data sets back to the BSDS with the change log inventory (DSNJU003) utility and increase the MAXARCH parameter in the DSN6LOGP member of DSNZPARM to complete the rollback, or v Restart DB2 with a conditional restart specifying BACKOUT=NO to bypass the unit of recovery that is in-abort. At the time of the abend, registers 3 and 4 contain the 6-byte relative byte address (RBA) of the beginning of this unit of recovery. DB2 must read the log back to this point to complete the ROLLBACK of this unit of recovery. Login to see more

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