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 3307 Severity Level 21  -  Process %d was expected to hold logical lock on page %ld.  SYBASE SQL Server
This error occurs when SQL Server, while committing or aborting a transaction, attempts to release a lock on the page displayed by the error message and the page is not locked. This error may occur during recovery as well as during run time. Common causes of this error are: • Software failures. • When SQL Server was performing a rollback, it expected a logical lock on the page displayed in the error message but the lock could not be found. • When SQL Server attempted to deallocate a page, it expected a logical lock on that page but one did not exist. • SQL Server tries to undo a page deallocation. • SQL Server tries to roll back a user transaction which has executed a stored procedure that required reresolution. Reresolution is required for stored procedures that reference objects which have been dropped and re-created between executions. Refer to “Procedure Re-resolution” in the SQL Server Troubleshooting Guide for more information about reresolution.
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