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 3202 Severity Level 16  -  Release 10.0 and Later Received MULTARG is not for device name as expected. Releases 4.9.x and Earlier Write on dump device '%.*s' failed, vsn=%ld return=%d status=%ld. Please consult the SQL  SYBASE SQL Server
Release 10.0 and Later The meaning of Error 3202 for SQL Server 10.0 and later is different from the meaning when it is raised on SQL Server 4.9.x and earlier. A MULTARG is a structure SQL Server stores in memory to keep information about the device being dumped to. If the dump routine was passed a MULTARG which is not for a dump device and you are running the Diagnostics Server (not likely), Error 3202 will be raised. If you receive Error 3202 when using SQL Server 10.0 or later, call Sybase Technical Support. Releases 4.9.x and Earlier For SQL Server 4.9.x and earlier versions, Error 3202 means that an error occurred when “writing” out a packet of data to the backup. Common causes are: • Running out of space for your dump (to disk) • A bad tape • A bad tape size • A bad block size • Hardware failure This error is fatal and stops the dump from completing. This invalidates the backup and makes it unusable for recovery purposes. The error message output includes: • vsn – the virtual socket number. • return – the return value: 0 means successful; -2 means failure. • status – the ending status, displayed in decimal value. The most common value is 524288 which usually means an I/O error. This status is Sybase-specific and has no operating system correlation.
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