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 3201 Severity Level 16  -  Release 10.0 and Later No dump device has been specified. SQL Server Releases Up to 4.9.x Can’t open dump device '%.*s', device error or device off line. Please consult the SQL Server error log SYBASE SQL Server
This error occurs when SQL Server is unable to access a dump device during a database dump. This error is fatal and stops the dump from completing. Error 3201 is most likely caused by one of the following: • The device you specified for the dump is offline or otherwise unavailable to SQL Server. • Permissions for the dump device are not set correctly for user “sybase” or the user performing the dump (read and write privileges are required). • A previous dump aborted and SQL Server believes the dump device is still in use. • For SQL Server releases previous to 10.0, you are trying to run more than one dump database command at the same time. You can only do this (for tape devices) if the cntrltype values (defined using sp_addumpdevice) of the devices to which you are dumping are different. For example, only one disk byte stream interface can be active at a time. You cannot dump multiple databases or transaction logs to the same tape device or disk dump. As of SQL Server 10.0, dumps are performed by the Backup Server. During dump and load commands, the Backup Server automatically determines whether a tape or disk device is being used and what its controller type is. It ignores the cntrltype parameters specified with sp_addumpdevice.
1. Check to make sure the device you specified is ...  Login to see more

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