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 2509 Severity Level 16  -  Table Corrupt: The row number and offset of each row in the page should have a matching entry in row number table; check this page (page#=%ld row#=%d offset in row number table=%d)  SYBASE SQL Server
The offsets for data or index rows are stored at the end of every page (in the row number table) and indicate where a certain row is located on that page. Error 2509 occurs when the dbcc checkdb or dbcc checktable command detects that a row does not have an entry matching its offset (location) on the page in the row offset table. Attempts to delete the offending row will result in Error 631, while attempts to select the offending row may be successful. This problem is probably a result of a problem within SQL Server but may also be caused by one of the following: • Hardware failure • Sybase System Administration problems • UNIX System Administration problems
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OK hotmail [12/10/2008 3:01 PM] 
2509 Severity Level 16