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 1204 Severity Level 19  -  Release 10.0 and Later SQL Server has run out of LOCKS. Re-run your command when there are fewer active users, or contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role to reconfigure SQL Server wit SYBASE SQL Server
This error occurs when SQL Server runs out of locks, as controlled by sp_configure. Following is an example of the output from sp_configure locks, and a brief description of the output related to locks: name minimum maximum config_value run_value ----- ------- ---------- ------------ --------- locks 5000 2147483647 0 5000 • The minimum and maximum column entries represent the minimum and maximum number of configurable locks for SQL Server. • The config_value column contains the value to which the locks configuration parameter has been set with sp_configure. The default value of config_value, which corresponds to the minimum value, is 0 (zero). • The run_value column contains the value SQL Server is using. The default run value in sysconfigures is 5000.
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