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 806 Severity Level 21  -  Could not find virtual page for logical page %ld in database '%S_DBID'.  SYBASE SQL Server
This error occurs when SQL Server fails to convert a logical page number to a virtual page number. Depending on what caused the error, it can be serious or transient. A virtual page is the page within a Sybase device whereas a logical page is the page in a SQL Server database. There is a one-to-one correspondence between the two types of pages. If Error 806 appears with a stack trace and exec_dbcc appears in the stack trace, it means you used dbcc page with an invalid parameter. This is not a serious problem. If Error 806 occurs on recovery, it may be transient or serious (see information under “Explanation” for specifics). Error 806 can occur during normal processing, such as creating an index or running a stored procedure. In this case, the error is probably caused by corruption or a problem with SQL Server and it is a serious error.
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