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 701 Severity Level 19  -  Release 10.0.2 and Later There is not enough procedure cache to run this procedure, trigger, or SQL batch. Retry later, or ask your SA to reconfigure SQL Server with more procedure cache. Relea SYBASE SQL Server
This error occurs when there is not enough procedure cache available to execute a stored procedure, trigger, or batch of one or more SQL statements. This can happen when loading a query plan into procedure cache or when resolving or compiling a procedure, trigger or batch. See “Procedure Re-resolution” in the SQL Server Troubleshooting Guide for a description of resolution. The amount of available procedure cache is based on SQL Server use, so this error may occur intermittently as procedure cache is used and released. Also, one or more procedures can repeatedly fail with this error while others complete normally. This is because query plans vary greatly in size. Therefore, while there may not be sufficient space to load a large query plan, several smaller plans may fit.
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