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 629 Severity Level 21  -  Fatal attempt to delete clustered index entry for page %ld - index row contains page %ld.  SYBASE SQL Server
This error occurs when SQL Server fails to delete a clustered index entry because the index entry did not point to the expected page. In the error message text, the first page number refers to the data page and the second page number refers to the node-level index page that points to the data page. Error 629 can occur when you attempt to delete a row (for example, when a table that has a clustered index is dropped, the row in sysindexes is deleted). The error is caused by data corruption that occurred during SQL Server processing (for example, an operating system panic occurs, causing interruption in disk writes when using UNIX files for SYBASE database devices). This may be due to a problem with SQL Server, the operating system, or hardware.
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