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 614 Severity Level 21  -  A row on page %ld was accessed that has an illegal length of %d in database '%.*s'.  SYBASE SQL Server
This error occurs when SQL Server accesses a data or index row whose length is smaller than the minimum row size or greater than the maximum row size. The minimum length of a row for each object is stored in the minlen column of sysindexes and in each data or index page header. The maximum size allowed for a data row or index row is 1962 bytes. (On Stratus platforms, the row size can be up to 4010 bytes because Stratus platforms have a larger page size than other platforms.) This error can occur under the following conditions: • During normal processing, when SQL Server tries to access the row specified by the error message. • During database recovery (database recovery occurs during SQL Server start-up or when a load database or load transaction command is processed). Error 614 can be caused by data corruption during normal processing (for example, an operating system panic occurs, causing interruption in disk writes when using UNIX files for SYBASE database devices). This may be due to a problem with SQL Server, the operating system, or hardware.
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