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-29033  - Informix GLS locale could not be loaded: localename, errno, locale-file-name. IBM
localename The name of the Informix GLS locale that could not be loaded. The value for localename must be of the format language_territory.codeset. errno A number that indicates the specific reason that the Informix GLS locale could not be loaded. locale-file-name The subdirectory and filename (for example, /en_US/0333.lco) of the Informix GLS locale file that could not be loaded. language A two-letter lowercase abbreviation for the language name. territory A two-letter uppercase abbreviation for the territory name. codeset The name of the character code set for the locale. Valid values for the codeset field are registered in the $INFORMIXDIR/gls/cm/REGISTRY file. The values are character strings that describe the code set. However, if a codeset field value is an integer in the range from 1 to 65,535, it is an acceptable value even if it is not in the REGISTRY file. An attempt to load the Informix GLS locale that localename specified failed for the reason that errno indicates, as follows: 6 The locale specification localename is in a bad format. The Gateway administrator must correct this specification. 7 The locale file that locale-file-name specified does not exist. If the appropriate directory (see the following paragraph) does not contain the locale file that the subdirectory and filename that locale-file-name specified, this Informix GLS locale is not available. Read your Informix product documentation to ensure that you sp
ecified the Informix GLS localename correctly (usi ...  Login to see more

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